The First Years True Fit Recline Convertible Car Seat, Black/Green

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The True Fit Recline C650 Convertible Car Seat is the latest addition to the True Fit car seat family, receiving five stars for Ease of Use from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This seat delivers all of the standard features from our original True Fit with several new features. This seat features the standard no-rethread easy-to-adjust harness. The harness is for use up to 65 pounds. Our easy off head rest and easy off pads are standard too. The C650 model features smaller bottom rails and a flip foot on the bottom—flip it forward for rear facing installation and flip it back when you move to the forward facing installation. This seat is fully lined with Expanded Poly Propylene foam and has deep side wings that really surround your child. We have added a center angle indicator in the front of our seat for use when installing in the rear facing position. This new easy to read indicator will help you determine if you have installed your seat correctly. For your infant, it will indicate the Safety Advocate recommended 45-degree angle for installation (without head rest) and as you keep it rear facing to 35 pounds (with the head rest) you can check for the recommended 35-degree angle for installation. We have also moved both side LATCH attachments so they are easy to access when you are installing your seat and easy to secure when you remove the seat from your vehicle.
The First Years
True Fit Recline C650
Convertible Car Seat

The C650 car seat received the Five-Star Ease of Use rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

This rating is based on the four following key components: Evaluation of Instructions
– Are the instructions easy to read and follow? Evaluation of Labels
– Are the labels easy to access and to follow? Vehicle Installation Features
– Do the features on the seat make the installation easier? Securing the Child
– How easy is it to ensure the child is in the seat correctly?The True Fit features easy-to-remove padding and a no-rethread harness for quick and convenient seat cleaning. Model Feature C670
NHTSA Rating
Rear Facing NHTSA Rating
Forward Facing Reclines Center Angle
Indicator Repound
ManagementClick here for a detailed comparison.Comfortable for children,
convenient for parents.
View larger. Why buy the True Fit convertible seat? Did you know that you can use our seat from 5 to 65 pounds and during the entire time of use your child will be secured in a 5-point harness? Most Safety Advocates recommend keeping your child in a harness as long as possible! Advocates also recommend keeping your little one rear facing for as long as possible. We have a removable headrest that really is easy to remove. One finger lifts the release and you are able to pull the head rest off until you need it. As your infant starts to grow, simply add the head rest back on and you are good to go in the rear facing position from 23 to 35 pounds. When your child is ready to watch you drive simply make sure that head rest is in place and turn your seat around. Remember, even in the forward facing position, your child will still be using the 5-point harness. Let's not forget about installation, all of our True Fit models feature built-in lock-offs and LATCH system, for both the rear and forward facing positions. We also color code all of our belt paths, making it easier for you to locate just where you should be putting your car seat belts when you install your seat. Wondering about Side Impact Testing? The True Fit seats all have deep side wings and they are all side impact tested to International Standards!
Ever try to adjust or rethread the harness straps on a car seat? Unless you have a few hours to spare, you will really appreciate our no-rethread easy-to-adjust harness system. We have easy to access shoulder belt height adjusters on each side of the seat and they are clearly marked with recommended positions (four) based on whether you are installing in a rear or forward facing position. All of this means you never have to spend time trying to figure out how to correctly rethread or adjust the harness. Does your child ever make a little mess with their animal crackers in the car? The combination of our no-rethread harness and our easy-off padding makes clean up a snap, literally, our pad snaps right off. Simply lift the center flap on the pad, unsnap the sides and clean up is as simple as can be. Once your pad is clean, it snaps back on in seconds hassle free!

As your child grows, have no worries that they will not fit in your True Fit. The interior dimensions of our seat are large and comfortable. In fact, with the extra cushy seat pads and roomier seat it may be hard to convince your child to leave their seat!
When you are ready to choose your favorite True Fit model, let us help you decide.
True Fit is the only car seat manufacturer with the removable head rest for rear facing installation. By removing the top portion adults in the driver position have more legroom than what is available using competitive convertible car seats. Another huge feature is the external adjustment of the harness. Virtually all other manufacturers require you to rethread their harness in order to make adjustments. Utilizing an external adjustment simplifies the process and assures you of proper installation. The external measurements for our seat are comparable to all other major competitors. The big difference lies in the internal dimensions where we are wider and deeper allowing the child to better fit in the seat ergonomically for a longer life cycle. Another big issue is cushioning where the child sits as our seats offer more padding in all areas of contact. We now offer external mounted latch (C650 and C670 models) making for easy installation for those using this method of installation. It may be trivial but we are the only manufacturer whose cup holders are level when the seat is installed in the car. All other brands incorporating cup holders are level only in the store.
For a full list of the True Fit Recline C650 features see below:
Removable headrest allows for better rear facing installation Can be used rear facing with headrest for infants from 5 to 35 lbs. Easy-to-read center angle indicator with two position settings Easy-to-adjust no-rethread harness for use to 65 lbs. Multi-position crotch strap adjustment Easy-off pads snap on and off without rethreading harness Color-coded belt paths for easy installation Built-in lock-offs for both rear and forward facing installation External LATCH system Two-position recline for better installation Deep side wings, side impact tested to international standards For use with children from 5 to 65 lbs., or up to 50 inches tall
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True Fit Recline C650 Convertible Car Seat and instruction manual.

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